Saturday, July 17, 2010

More Excitement.....

Well, a few weeks ago I was honored to win the Quickies avocado and feta challenge and sponsored by Lazaro at  and Denise at Quickes on the Dinner Table. 

This week, I am so excited to win not one but TWO contests!  Thanks to everyone who voted for my Matcha Meringue Sandwiches with Dark Chocolate Mint Ganache in the tea week contest sponsored by Mission: Food 

Thank you Victoria and thanks to your sponsor, Upton Teas for the lovely prize!

I'd also like to thank Chef Chuck Kerber of for selecting my recipe for Mango Swirl Yogurt Cheesecake to win the original recipe contest that was held to celebrate the new website.

All this and getting an award too!!!  It's been an awesome week!

Thank you to all my blogger friends.......

Here are the pictures of the three winning recipes...

Avocado Fudge Brownies with Feta Cheesecake Swirl for the Quickies Challenge

Matcha Meringue Sandwiches with Dark Chocolate Mint Ganache for the Mission:Food tea contest

Mango Swirl Yogurt Cheesecake with Apricot Date Shortbread Crust (gluten-free) for the Pittsburgh Hot Plate Recipe Contest

Slice of Mango Swirl Yogurt Cheesecake


  1. these are all beautiful - congratulations

  2. Congrats
    The pictures look beautiful

  3. Wow...what a great week:) Congratulations, and everything looks amazing! Especially that cheesecake, WOW!

  4. 3 contests wow, wow!
    congrats - well deserved!


  5. Congratulations on all the great wins! Keep up the good cooking :)

  6. Your presentation is fabulous! Congratulations!

  7. Congrats, Jill!! You are on a winning streak! Of course, you have always been a winner to me!!

  8. Congrats on your well deserved wins. Wonderful creations.

  9. Congratulations! Really pretty presentation of the cheesecake as well.

  10. Congrats! Everything looks beautiful!

  11. Hey Jilly, your'e so lucky or maybe I should just say 'talented' (smile)! Glad your'e finally getting some of the attention you and your blog deserve...
    p.s. I'm going to try to make a banana split today!

  12. Thanks Stella. I had my youngest stepsons here last week and they were extremely excited to help make those banana splits. They were so shocked that we could make ice cream without milk I thought maybe their eyes were bigger than their tummies when it came to eating those puppies but they polished them right off, even digging down and scooping out the pineapple boats and then fought over the last couple of scoops of the ice cream in the freezer!

  13. Congrats! You deserve it all :) You've come up with some great, creative, and yummy-looking dishes! Enjoy your tea pot!


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