Friday, February 12, 2010


I am sitting at my desk on this atypically bleak morning (for South Florida anyway) looking out at the marsh birds foraging on the banks of the canal and thinking about what I need to do today.  Most of it probably won't get done because I am STILL nursing this back muscle and I can't get more than 10 steps away from my heating pad without having seperation anxiety.

My website is still a disaster and I KNOW I need to get it back up and running but I have no patience for html hell even when I'm feeling just ducky!  I keep hoping the website fairy will show up and leave me a note with the link to a url with my brand, spanking new, COMPLETED websit on it.  I wonder if it works like the tooth fairy?  I'm fresh out of just pulled teeth but maybe she would accept a yougrt and passion fruit puree parfait instead?  Probably not........

I've got to submit 2 articles today...both of which have to get done (muscle relaxant stupor not withstanding).  I think I might be able to kill two birds with one stone on that one.  See, I need to submit a column for aprroval to the Cape Coral Breeze because I may be their foodie blog person.  Oh wow...that just gave me the best idea for a column title.  The Go-to Gourmet...I love it!  I would be answering readers questions about cooking/food and providing new recipes each week.  Then the other article is for of course.  You can find my previous articles there; author name S. Jill Anderson.  I may be able to use the same article for both submissions if I write it correctly. 

There are enough post-its stuck all over my desk, monitor, printer, lamp, dog...anything within reach really...for me to redecorate a room.  I get an idea for a recipe or an article or just a reminder to pick up the dry cleaning and I scribble it down on one of those blasted squares and slap up where I'll see it.  Very low tech I know and not all that effective since I end up either losing them or throwing them away because I am the female version of MONK!  I generally go through them in the evening and enter what info I need to into my computer, make phone calls, add things to my calander and then toss them.  This week though, I just sit here staring stupidly at the screen until I fall face forward onto the keypad and wake up an hour later with QWERTY stamped into my forehead!

Of course there are still the books to think about.  I have TWO completed cookbooks that we self-published but I really NEED a publisher.  Moreover, I need the marketing a publisher can provide.  Write letters, make calls, send emails...beg shamelessly and yet, still no publisher.  I sent a letter to Rodale last week and haven't gotten any sort of reply.  This week I just don't care.  Next week I can go back to stressing about it.

I am a week behind on menu plans for my personal chef services clients.  Fortunately my clients have become my friends and they won't be leaving scathing messages on my voicemail.  It just makes me crazy (crazier?) to be behind on anything.  It is the disease of Frustrated Perfectionism that I suffer from;  a senseless malady of one's own making really.

The water in the canal is grey and cold and the tropical breeze that usually caresses the palm fronds is howling like a pissed off banshee and beating the crap out of them.  Here I sit...blogging in my bathrobe with two throw pillows and a blistering heating pad wedged into the hollow of my spine.  Truely a SLUG!  I feel like a hen on it's nest waiting to lay an egg.  Thank God I'm not.  Mine would pop out hardboiled.  Maybe next week I'll have no more use for this thing other than to use it as an incubator for homemade yogurt (as I saw Alton Brown do on his show one time).  My luck, I'd get ecoli or something!

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