Friday, October 8, 2010

WAITER...there is a fly in my soup!

Oh, everyone I am so excited to introduce you to the newest member of the menagerie that is my household!  First let me explain...

My mother and I LOVE to go "picking".  We do funky little artsy type shops, estate sales, quirky antique galleries, consignment shops etc.  The more unique (odd) and bohemian (mismatched) things I can find...the better!  There is my huge Moroccan bird cage, the vintage alcohol posters, ink sketches of flappers (actually authentic from the 20's), angels, Indonesian Buddas, Shivas, batik scarves for table cloths and couch throws, beads, fringe, bangles, antique rosaries, 5 foot tall carved wooden animals...well, you get the idea. 

So...this week, I got a butler!  OMG I love him!!  We found him in my absolute favorite quirky little upscale interiors consignment boutique.  I plan to make him a little wooden name tag and glue it onto his vest when I get the opportunity. my new butler....Henri (pronounced "ornery" in our house!)

He's just a bit over 4 feet tall

By the way, on his tray...a split of the champagne, the one we served at our wedding, the glass strawberry salt and pepper shakers on the silver "vine" holder belonged to my gread grandmother.  The small crystal flutes came from a friend of the family who died from cancer a few years ago.  The copper topped  "for two" casserole dish is a vintage piece that I dug up from somewhere...I don't remember though.

He's standing next to my kitchen table in the breakfast nook.  Don't you just love him?  He's signed on the back btw.  Always a plus.

Oh...and we are just a few weeks away from Halloween and ya'll KNOW I gotta have some wicked halloween nails!  My costume is ready..puple silk witch hat with a black mesh veil, large dark purple silk flower on the brim.  Very long purple false eye lashes (for top and bottom).  Obsidian ring, a black heart.  Fish nets to go with my witchy stilletos.  Very cool black dress with a crepe ruffle kick out in the front.  My gym is doing a haunted maze and I'm doing a "healthy halloween" snack table for the kids.  I have my cauldron ready...

There will be pictures but MUST see the nails!

Pointer finger...dipped in "blood" and ring finger has a 3d spider with yellow stone eyes!  The other fingers...are called Halloween Chaos.

Are these totally outrageous or what?

I grabbed the fringed edge of the black beaded scarf that hangs over the back of my living room sofa.  It looked really cool woven around my fingers.  I did have to have her cut my nails down though...they were twice this long...LOL


  1. Love your waiter. I have a mannequin with puple hair named Pam that I found in a junk shop.

  2. Love the new addition to your family! It is great to find such fun things!!

  3. So are your nails certified as artistic lethal weapons? How do you cook or type like that??? Wow. They're gorgeous; but wow!

  4. they are definately lethal weapons...LOL I guess Im just so used to them that they don't bother me. The crazy thing is...I type around a hundred words a minute and I an dispatch a softball sized onion in less than a minute...LOL


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