Wednesday, October 27, 2010

So much to catch up on...

I have been a bad, bad blogger...once again.  I do apologize to my regular readers.  The last couple of weeks have been a bit busier than usual and I find myself occupied with things all day long and never quite finding the time to sit down and write. 

There are several items that I need to include in this post.

First:  Thank you to Biren Rotinrice for my new award. 

To recieve an award from such a lovely and talented blogger as Biren is such an honor.  If you have not visited her incredible blog...please click on the link above and check it out! 

Second:  One of my favorite bloggers (I think he is one of EVERYONE'S favorite bloggers), Chef Dennis from More than a Mount Full tagged me a couple of weeks ago in the most recent round.  I'm sorry I haven't had the time to get to the answers before now.  But I suppose better late than never right?

Ok...Jeez, is this like truth or dare for bloggers?

Here are the questions posed by Chef Dennis (and approved by Mrs. Chef Dennis)

1. If you could eat anything without any health repercussions or guilt, what would your meal be?

I would eat mountains of rich, dark decadant chocolate...the darker the better.  I would dip everything I could find in luscious melted chocolate...I'd fill my bathtub with melted chocolate and take a chocolate BATH...I'd...ok, the rest of this is probably TMI!!

2. If you could meet anyone living or dead who would it be and why?

This one requires two answers:  the dead one would be Salvadore me weird,morbid or insane but the guy was SO strange (and talented) that I would just HAVE to meet him!

The live one would be Nigella Lawson...I love her!  There is something remotely (or not so remotely) "witchy" about her.  ;)

3. Why did you start blogging and what did you expect when you started?

Hmm...I started blogging with a different blog altogether because I just wanted a place to rant and say EXACTLY what I think about EVERYTHING with no repercussions.  My thought was...if you like it fine...stay and read it.  If you don't...don't let the door smack you in the virtual butt on the way out!  However, I may have written 2 or 3 posts before I discovered that I was just bitching in the wind.  I switched over to writing a blog about what I love the most...COOKING and FOOD.  I don't really know that I expected get anything out of it other than an outlet for creativity.  I am continually and pleasantly surprised by the warm, inspiring, supportive friends I have made in the blogging community.

4. What is the one book you could read over and over again.

Could and HAVE read Wuthering Heights dozens of times.

5. If you could travel anywhere, where would it be?

I have the most overwhelming desire to stand on the White Cliffs of Dover and be transported back to the roots of my family.  When I look at pictures...that land calls to me like I have stood there on the precipice in a hundred other lifetimes and gazed across the white capped waves.  This image is my haven when I is where I go.  I stand ( as I have stood in my mind/in another life) there and for some reason, I am either wearing a suit of armour of a filmy white cotton gown covered by a long green velvet cape, billowing in the wind.  My long red hair blows out three feet behind me...and I am always standing with my face to the eyes cast to the sea.  I could go on...I have written many, many journal entries from this place.  Though I've never physically been, I have always been there.  Someday I will stand there my armour or my matters not. 

6. If you could have a TV show on the Food Network what would it be?

I don't know what I would title it but I know it would showcase vegan and vegetarian dishes.  People have such a misconception about us wearing Jesus sandals, clothing that we dug out of a dumpster, unshaven legs and armpits...eating hemp brownies and living at Spawn Ranch, sitting around listening to "Charlie" sing Beach Boy songs.  Most of us are not handing out flowers at the airport and trying to save the world one dehydrated kale leaf at a time...we are just eating the way we want to eat.  Believe it or not...

7. What was the best meal you ever had?

Are you kidding me?  I don't even know if I can attempt to answer this one without having my brain melt and run out my ears!  Wow...uhm, I guess it would have to be something my grandfather made...anything he made (except glazed ham....long, funny store there) was incredible and made even more memorable because he cooked it.  The man was a self taught culinary genius.

8. Who had the greatest influence on your love for food and learning to cook?

Definately have to say it was not a person but a show.  Years ago, (in my early 20's) when I was a young mother and wife (barely more than a kid), I found a show on PBS...Great Chefs of America and I fell in love with cooking.  OMG...I couldn't even leave my house if that show was on..LOL  They had different series...GC of San Francisco, GC of New Orleans, GC of the Pacfic North West, GC of the South, GC of Americas Country Inns etc.  I remember thinking how worldly and wise I was at 21 years old because I knew what a bouquet garni was...a bechamel sauce...gastrique....genoise....croque em bouche.  My oldest daughter was just a baby and when she napped, I took the notes that I had scribbled so furiously during the show and spent the afternoon in my kitchen trying to replicate the dishes I saw on the show.  I will NEVER forget the rush I got the first time I made the croque em bouche with it's golden spun sugar "crust" for a Christmas party when I was 22 years old.  I felt like the most accomplished cook in the world because everyone was so impressed!

My questions for the next group of victims tags are as follows:

1-  What is your "cringe" food and why?

2-You are on an episode of "Chopped" and your mystery basket includes a durian fruit, langoustine, panetone and a bottle of Jagermeister.  Since drinking the jager and passing out is not one of your options...what would you make?

3- If you had to compare your life experiences to an episode of Doctor Phil or Jerry Springer...which would it be and why?

4- What is your most embaressing food-related moment?

5- If you were placing an ad on a singles web site what would you say about yourself?

6- Complete the following sentence with one word (the first one that comes to your mind):
     The most important thing in life is.............

7.  The sorting hat would probably send you to which "house".....Slitherin, Griffindor, Ravenclaw or    Hufflepuff?

8.  In your own opinion, what is your most admirable trait?

The following people are "IT"

Rick at Bittersweet
Kristen at Frugal Antics of a Harried Homemaker
The Mom Chef
Stella at the Witchy Kitchen
Victoria at Mission: Food
Nancy at Spicie Foodie
Alisha at The Ardent Epicure

Now for the third item:  I'd like the thank the kind people at POM Wonderful for choosing my menu as one of the entries in the POM dinner party contest.  I'm excited.  I have a fabulous menu planned for six.  The appetizer and cocktail course will be served on the lanai at dusk.  I have  marvelous della robia style centerpieces planned for both the tables.  Dinner will be served in the dining room at 7:30 and we'll return to the lanai for a sumptuous candle lit dessert and after dinner drink.  I can't wait!  The party will be the second week of November!  Look for the pictures and recipes.

Fourth:  If you live in the Fort Myers, Cape Coral area...please come out to show your support for the Harry Chapin Food Bank and participate in our Halloween Party at Around the Clock Fitness.  Yours truely will be decked out in her best witchy costume serving up goodies to the kiddies! 

October 30th from 5:00-9:00 PM

All we ask is that you bring canned goods for the Harry Chapin Food Bank canned food drive!

Last but not least:  Thank you to my girls at Profiles Nail Salon on Pine Island Road in Cape Coral!  Client appreciation night and breast cancer awareness party was a lot of fun to put together.  I thoroughly enjoyed doing this worthwhile event.  Oh...we had our DIVA on that night.......yes we did!

Fight Like a girl!!


  1. Me too, Jilly! I've been a very bad blogger lately. Your'e still a great blogger though, and I can see why even amidst your absence others are thinking of you;)
    By the way, thanks for your well written comment. I agree with every bit of it (smile). I just had to be careful in reference to what I wrote about, since people get so touchy about things. I've already received some 'odd' e-mails over the post (I knew this would happen, as it even happened when I just wrote about sugar?!). It's weird too, b/c I really tried hard to simply defend vegetarianism. I mean, I fully understand the idea of imposing oneself on others, and I never want to be that way in the realm of food or anything else for that matter. That all being said, I got a couple of really sweet e-mails from non-vegetarian bloggers...
    Anyway, thanks for being so supportive. Oh, and I'm it (smile)?!
    p.s nice job on the event. everything looks so pretty and pink;) I need to work on my ability to make things pretty...!

  2. Thank you for the tag! I used to LOVE Great Chefs as well, although I think after a while it was on the Discovery Channel. I have a whole bunch of their cookbooks that I bought many many years ago! I think I've only made a few recipes over the years, but it was definitely a show that made an impression on me as well :) I remember specific episodes, restaurants, and dishes, haha.

  3. Hey Jilly, sounds like you have been BUSY!! Missed you and your creative recipes. The award is well deserved and you are most welcomed :)

    Enjoyed reading your responses to the tag questions. Can't help but LOL about letting the door smack your virtual behinds :D Oh...and I do enjoy Wuthering Heights. I've think I've read it twice but that was a while back.

    Love all your pink food for Breast Cancer Awareness party.

  4. What a gorgeous spread of food! I love the creative way you incorporated pink! I will have to think about the answers, but thanks for tagging me.

  5. Jill congratulations on the menu winning! I can see why you haven't had time to post. The food looks delicious. I really enjoyed learning a bit more about you. And I love your #1 answer! You know I stopped by to tell you I have an award for you, the same award, hehe. Thank you for passing it on to me too:) I will have to wait a little bit before I post yours since I just posted one today.

  6. Jill
    you could never be a bad blogger!! Thanks so much for such wonderful answers to my game of tag!
    Congrats on having POM pick your menu, how cool is that!! And I wish I was down that way, I loved Harry Chapin what a great cause!


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