Wednesday, February 4, 2009

High Fructose Corn Syrup

How do you like those insipid commercials about how High Fructose Corn Syrup is "just fine in moderation"? They conveniently forgot to mention that your body DOES NOT KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH THAT SUBSTANCE. Once consumed, HFCS arrives IN TACT in the human liver which means you don't filter/process it. The word "moderation is a JOKE because people are comsuming this stuff by the GALLONS. It is literally in everything; even things labled as "health foods". It is the cheaptes and most widely used form of sweetener on the planet. HFCS was introduced into our food supply in the 1970's. Regardless of what the corn industry would have you believe, HCFS IS a man-made substance. It's relative inexpensiveness (compared to sugar) have made it the sweetener of choice because it increases profits for manufacturers. Some researchers believe that an astonishing 50% or MORE of peoples' daily calorie intake comes from HFCS! There are absolutely NO nutritional benefits from these calories by the way. Also, since HFCS metabolizes differently than sugar, it COULD cause an increase in triglycerides. It also blocks the the release of Leptin (the hormone our brain secretes that tells us we are full). Our tastebuds become accustomed to the exceptional sweetness of HFCS to the point that naturally sweet foods such as fresh fruits no longer satisfy. Again...the segment of our population MOST affected are our children because literally EVERYTHING marketed as a "kid food" is loaded with HFCS. It doesn't seem to be bad enough that they are being pumped full of MSG, Food Coloring, artificial flavorings, synthetic vitamins and trans fats but they need to get 100 to 200 pounds a YEAR of HFCS and sugar! No wonder the acronym for the "Standard American Diet" is S.A.D.


  1. They couldn't have said it any better than with the acronym 'SAD'. How true! I substituted for my daughter's class the other day and when I went to the snack bin, I could not find one snack without HFCS or hydrogenated oils(not to mention all the other disgusting additives). Parents need to become more educated in what kind of foods their children are eating. Schools need to be made more aware also. These foods not only affect our children's health now, but in the future also. Thanks for such a great and informative blog!

  2. Thanks ecomum! We definately can't depend on schools to supply our children with healthy snacks. Unfortunately, many people do not even know what constitutes a healthy snack because they've been duped into believing all the slick marketing terms!


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