Monday, August 23, 2010

Rainy Road Trip

Good morning everyone.  I just wanted to drop a couple of lines to say I'll be out of town for the rest of the week.  Yes..I know, I said I was done traveling but my mother's house in Jacksonville sold quite quickly and unexpectedly.  Now we must got pack it up and bring her things to Cape Coral.  You certainly can't look a gift horse in the mouth.  For anything to sell in this economy...especially for someone to call you out of the blue and offer to buy it for cash is nothing short of a miracle.  We all figured she was going to be sitting on it for quite a while.

Its raining of courseHave you ever moved when it wasn't raining?  This is six hours away from Jacksonville so maybe it isn't up there; one can hope.  At any rate, guess who gets to drive some bouncy uhaul back down here on Thursday or Friday?  You got that sure isn't Mama!  How do I ge myself into these things in the first place?

It's a good thing I'm married and not forced to take a personals ad on one of these dating sites.  It would read something like this...

I dislike drunks, don't understand how people can eat cheese that smells like feet, and I HATE moving...even if it isn't my junk.  I'm short and plump with a sassy mouth and take no crap attitude and did I mention I hate moving? I look like Carol Channing on a three day crack binge until I've had my morning coffee.  My hobbies include blogging, cooking, writing and obsessive compulsive cleaning...but most certainly do NOT include moving!  Turn ons:  a well executed souffle, Johnny Depp, anything with chocolate in it or on it, Johnny Depp and getting on someone's last good nerve.  Turn offs:  Moving, the smell of a cat in the house, moving, people who whine, moving, children putting their dirty little paws in my hair, moving, Wheel of Fortune and moving.  For the addendum of turn offs:  see the attatched pages.  For a good time; call somebody else.  For the honest to goodness truth about why you are not married me.


  1. Hey Jilly! That's so great for you Mom & you guys too. And, yes, it is probably a miracle (smile). Nothing is selling quickly in my area of FL...
    p.s. hope the rain lets up soon. It's rainy here in Atlanta too this week, and I'm supposed to finish planting for my Mom's winter veg garden-yikes...!

  2. You always have to move in the rain. It is like a universal law or something. Up here there is a monsoon. It is crazy!

  3. You crack me up!! Good luck with the move. Although I don't hate moving as much as you, I'm sure I would hate moving in the rain, eek!

  4. Hopefully the move won't be as bad as you think. At least your mom's house sold. That's quite a little miracle in this economy!

  5. I sense that you dislike moving....don't ask me why, but I just get that feeling! I hope everything goes well for you, have a drink for me, you'll feel better!

  6. You crack me up! Have a safe trip.

  7. Hi.... I'm your newest follower.

  8. Finally back! Thanks for the comments everyone! Welcome Moogie...glad to have you!


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