Friday, May 7, 2010

In A Pickle

Yesterday my mother (who is living with me now) and I made a batch of a summer time favorite...bread and butter pickles.  Making pickles the way my grandmother used to make them conjurs up images of a big tub out on the back porch to which an offering of ice and salt must be made daily.  The pungent aroma of vinegar permeating EVERYTHING and of course the smell of pickling spices.  I'm afraid you'll be sorely disappointed if you were looking for an oppotunity to wrestle a tub full of freezing vinegar water and a bushel of slippery cukes for a week because this recipe is just NOT that involved.  It is minimal effort for maximum rewards and we like that!  I will give you a hint...the pickles are made in the microwave in under 15 minutes!

If you are interested in reading the entire recipe please visit

Is anyone else diggin on my little antique spice cabinet that  I just found while picking though an antique shop a couple of days ago??  It's SO adorable and of course I've filled it already!

These pickles are SO crispy and delicious!


  1. Lovely looking pickles and I am just such a sucker for retro, vintage, antique anything!

  2. Wow...pickles in under 15 minutes! That's a lovely spice cabinet.

  3. Never tried this, but it looks really easy! And I'm with Biren, I like your cabinet.

  4. thanks everyone. I need to post more pictures of the's just so darned cute! These pickles are ridiculously easy...hope you like them.

  5. Your cabinet was a great find! The pickles look so good....I'm going to have to make those soon! Thanks for the recipe!

  6. Neat Jilly. We love almost anything pickled. I'm trying not to use my microwave though. Hmm?

  7. Stella, I don't microwave at all. This recipe is the only thing I ever do that requires microwaving. I have tried this on the stove top with so so results. They don't get as crisp as the microwaved ones. I know what you mean though...99% of the time my microwave is just storage...LOL

  8. Thanks for sharing Jill! Bread & Butter pickles are my all time favorite. I have so many memories of eating my grandmother's homemade b&b pickles as a child - problem is, like all of her best recipes, she never measures exact amounts of anything - it's always just a bit of this and a bit of that. So I'm really excited to try these!


  9. I love pickles - I bet those taste amazing!

  10. This recipe actually came from my grandmother Toya. She used to make them the old way with all the soaking but my grandfather bought her a microwave wayyyy back in the late 70's (which was as big as a small stove back then...took up half the counter) and she made these b&B pickles. I don't know if she found the recipe in a book somewhere or if she created it on her own but our family has used this recipe for 30 years or need to mess with success!

  11. wow, homemade pickles!! that is something i haven't tried before, but it sure is something i should try if i happen to get an abundance of cucumbers from my garden this summer. thanks for the tips!

  12. homemade pickles...oh what flavro they must have..they look great!!


  13. Thanks Krissy and Sweet...they are super easy. I hope you decide to give them a try.

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